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3D GIS Application Customization

With our 3D GIS SDK, we can customize professional 3D application for our customers in Geo related industries, include urban planning, Geological construction, Building Information Modelling(BIM), oil & gas and so on. 

Virtual City

With our 3D SDK, we proposal a complete solution for city data publish, organization and management. The solution is designed as Browser/Server structure. Row data will be organized by our builders on Linux server,including terrain builder, model builder, facility builder and vector builder. After that a set of distribute web-services will be set up, such as spatial query service, 3D analysis services and so on. The organized data can be accessed by people without any client program but a browser. 


Urban Planning

With our 3D engine, we can provide a technical platform for urban planning. Through integration of operation flow, urban planning can complete their master plan, detail design, schema verifying in our platform.  Besides, the above and below ground models are supported by our engines. This 3D scene will offer planner more information and make the planning better and easier. 

Geological Information System

We provide processional customization services for geologist and professionals in geological and geo-technical industries. Rock, borehole, strata layers, underground pipes and fault planes can be integrated into one 3D scene under the help of our 3D engine. The platform can simulate the underground construction, geological changes and help user make decision better.

3D Geological Model