City Painter

City Painter is automated texture mapping tool for 3D city buildings. Its exclusive texture mapping technology can improve productivity of texture mapping and avoid texture blocking, anamorphose, glass' texture and heterochromia. City Painter provide a new methodology for 3D city modelling. 

Multi-source Image Support

City Painter support processing of multi-source images, includes aerial image, street image and UAV image. In order to keep reality and vitality,images from different source will be processed under specific algorithm and technology. 


Easy to Edit

City Painter improves the productivity of processing of color blending, clip & joint by reducing the redundant procedures in work flow.Besides, City Painter adds the function to share image with Photoshop, make the image processing easier and more convenient.

Automated Optimization

For the area covered with more than on texture, City Painter will do the automated optimization and choose the best texture for each area. This feature reduce the time cost in traditional and manual processing method


Support Wide-angle Image

City Painter support processing of wide-angle images, including street image and oblique aerial images. It provides a complete solution of automated image joint and clip.