Criminal Site Investigation

We has proposed a new solution of rebuilding crime scene with laser scanner. As it well known, laser scanner is an effective, advanced data acquisition instrument. I has been widely used in monitoring, modelling and manufacturing ,etc industries. This project is first case of which our solution was used in crime investigation.
Let's take a example, if a murder case had happened in certain 2 bedrooms type unit. The investigating officers would go the crime scene to collect important information as usual. However, nobody can make sure they have collected everything in dead-zone free. If they missed suspicious clue, they have to go back the crime scene again several days later. It's really the wastage of time, not to mention the natural environment has changed and your expect clues have gone.

In our solution, we will used laser scanner to scanning the whole crime scene without any dead-zone. Under the help of our point cloud visualization, of cause you can use other software, the measured information can be easily extract and queried by yourself in anytime.
This solution have below advantages:

  • Dead-zone free scanning
  • 3D visualization
  • Easy to measure the dimension you want in anytime
  • High Accuracy