Model Painter

ModelPainter is an automatic model texture mapping software. The white model generated from point cloud and texture images can be processed by ModelPainter to obtain high fidelity textured model efficiently. It includes four main functions including control point texture mapping, visual camera texture mapping, automatic texture mapping and orthoimage correction.

Control Points Mapping

Model Painter provides two ways of control points mapping: Plane Mapping and Non-plane Mapping; Former is suitable for orthographic texture processing. Non-plane Mapping is good at processing the textures which are captured with angels.


Virtual Camera Mapping

Virtual Camera Mapping is exclusive mapping method of ModelPainter. It is restore the scene,including models and camera, to original position and angel by adjusting the 3D geometry model. This method is suitable for all textures and models.

Automated Mapping

Model Painter support automated mapping of texture. It provides one-button automated mapping of multiple textures, includes minor adjustment of texture's relative position.


Key Technologies


Model Painter provide real-time texture mapping function which can avoid texture missing in image capture  and reduce color difference among multiple textures of same place. In the meanwhile. It also can improve the productivity of texture processing through instant capture-mapping mode.


Model Painter provide painting Geo-referencing methodology based on point cloud. This methodology has been successfully applied into the Heritage Conservation Standard of "Digital DunHuang" project, China. Except, High quality orthophoto can be generated by ModelPainter with indicated projection plane.