Our independent developed software,Borehole Modeller, is a borehole data management tool for site investigation and construction company. It provides totally 3D visualization of geological models. And It supports multiple borehole exchange data formats in Singapore, including AGS(SG), MDB and Excel file format. The Bore-log report can be fully automatically generated by user. Except those, Borehole Modeller allow professional users to do geological analysis based on borehole models in a 3D scene.


ModelPainter is an automatic model texture mapping software. The white model generated from point cloud and texture images can be processed by ModelPainter to obtain high fidelity textured model efficiently. It includes four main functions including control point texture mapping, visual camera texture mapping, automatic texture mapping and orthoimage correction. 


City Painter is automated texture mapping tool for 3D city buildings. Its exclusive texture mapping technology can improve productivity of texture mapping and avoid texture blocking, anamorphose, glass' texture and heterochromia. City Painter provide a new methodology for 3D city modelling.