3D City Modelling

We provide the professional service of 3D city modelling with Mobile Mapping System(MMS) and statistic laser scanner. Our modelling team has much modelling experience especially in point cloud processing and CityGML standard.

Key Technologies:

  • Automatic topography extraction
  • Efficient semi-automatic point cloud classification
  • Automatic road mark extraction
  • Efficient texture processing tool

3D GIS Application customization

With our 3D GIS SDK, we can customize professional 3D application for our customers in Geo related industries, include urban planning, Geological construction, Building Information Modelling(BIM), oil & gas and so on. 


UAV Service

We provide efficient UAV service for survy, urban planning, investigation and monitoring and so on. With our Cloud computing methodology, we provide automated UAV related services, including automated camera calibration, automated Digital Surface Modelling(DSM), automated Digital Evaluation Modelling(DEM) and delivery DOM image and TDOM image as data product.