For better image capture quality and uav-01efficiency, our partner and we developed a profession UAV camera calibrate system,the DAS-Calibrator. which consist of a set of special targets and software. It is aim to improve the quality when set UAV's camera to infinity focus.


Panoramic View

uav-06The latest GPU-accelerate technology and image processing algorithm are adopted in to our fast panoramic methodology. This methodology can automatically seamless joint all the UAV images.

Aerial-Triangulation Process

uav-07To get the each UAV image's accurate elements of exterior orientation in ground coordinate system, we will do the aerial-triangulation processing and adjustment for all the UAV images in our flow.


Intensive Matching

uav-12After get accurate elements of exterior orientation and camera calibration parameters, the images will be intensive matched to generate 3D intensive point cloud of observation scope.


DEM Modelling

DSMBased on processed UAV images, a Digital Surface Model(DSM) can be automatically generated . And we also provide semi-automated service of Digital Evaluation Model(DEM) modelling 


uav-18DRG Product

The digital raster graphic(DRG) can be generate by scanning the processing the exist hard paper maps.

DOM Product

uav-19The processed UAV images will be projected on Digital Evaluation Model(DEM). In the meanwhile, the images would be adjusted  and mounted pixel by pixel. After that, we can delivery Digital Orthophoto Map(DOM) product in different map scales.


uav-18DLG Product

We also provide digitize service to generate Digital Line Graphic(DLG) map product based on raster data and hard paper map.