Intelligent Transport

iTransport version 2.0 (known as iTransport 2) is the heart of all the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) of Singapore. All of ITS data is connected to iTransport 2 which is an integrated and unified platform, that which makes sense of and disseminates the information for traffic monitoring and incident management in the ITS Operations Control Centre. With GIS technologies, iTransport 2 also possesses the capability to fuse the collected raw traffic data from the ground sensors and transform them into relevant traffic information to be used for traffic analysis and planning, and to better inform transport policies.

Underground space utilization

This project aims to establish a web-based 3D Geo-data Modelling and Management System (GeM2S) that will lead to cost savings and increased productivity for future infrastructure or underground construction projects in Singapore. A large amount of geological borehole data and geotechnical testing data has been obtained over the years from various types of projects. GeM2S can turn these data into a valuable resource to guide future underground developments in Singapore, saving developers a considerable amount of money and time.

Intelligent Water Management

IWMS is a national size smart water management. It aims to enhance PUB's capability to integrate real-time information on water resources in Singapore and manage water operations across the entire water supply, water catchment, used water and drainage systems more efficiently.

Smart Airport

Smart Aviation Service Information Platform improve airport management level and support capabilities holistically. The main functions include service personnel management, cleaning process management, dispatch monitoring center, material management, equipment management, dashboard function etc.

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