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Project base Management

Borehole Modeller

Borehole Modeller is a full 3D software which help in site investigation and geology company to manage project-based boreholes. It can automatically generate the BoreLog report and export data as AGS(sg) file. You can request a trial version by sending email to us.

Borehole Modeling

Borehole Modeller provide a standardized modelling user interface for capture borehole data and build borehole's trajectory geometry. Vertical, incline and horizontal boreholes are supported in software. The attributes and input value are forced to follow the AGS(sg) standard which published by Building Construction Authority(BCA), Singapore.  

Borelog Generation

Bore-Log and reports

BoreholeModeller provide some useful analysis function to help user image the underground states . User can simulate the strata layers base on the boreholes' geological information. Borehole Modeller also provides statistic function to generate chart and reports.

Bore-log is a useful report for geologist. Borehole Modeller provide full automatically function to generate the Bore-log report of each borehole. User also can customize the bore-log template, pick up interested columns in bore-log.

Borehole Analysis