To precisely reconstruction of the painting geometry model with high fidelity texture is of great value in documentation and conservation of the culture heritage. With the rapid development of laser scanning system, structure light systems and related point cloud data processing tools, the technology of high precision geometry modeling is becoming matured. These techniques are used as the major way of geometry data collection in many culture heritage applications for their benefits of fast measurement and high reliability. However, for applications with high fidelity requirements, to precisely map the high resolution image to complex 3D model is still a big technique challenge. . ModelPainter, developed specially for high quality texture mapping, will help you easily accomplish complex model texture mapping tasks, which is extremely difficult for the other commercial software

Criminal Site Reconstruction


We proposal a new generation solution of criminal scene investigation and rebuild. Under help of 3D laser scanner, customers can collect all the site details in dead-zone free mode. Customers don't need to worry about missing any footprint or any clue.