One-stop GIS Consultancy

We provide a one-stop GIS consultancy service, ranging from GIS data capture, mapping technology consultation to GIS system implementation. With our support, clients can set up a complete GIS system with either commercial software, including Esri, Bentley Map or open source GIS software, such as QGIS, GeoServer and CesiumJS.

For those clients with higher security requirement, we provides localized solution to keep clients’ data and security information safe.

GIS apps & location base micro services

We support our clients to establish their own Geo Data Center (GDC), publish the data on intranet & internet as a web map service on a map server. After that, we are able to design and develop map-related apps or application.

Except GIS applications, various of cloud-base micro services base on geo-locations and GIS analysis technology are provided under our domain. These micro services can easily be adopted into popular informatic systems and provide location-based analysis and map & 3D visualization support.

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Geospatial data analysis

Owns lots of location base data but unsure of how to make use of it? Want to figure out the best locations and number of new facilities needed to be setup? Don’t know how to create GIS data to fulfill the clients’ data submission requirement?

Come to us and get one-stop solution as soon as possible! Our GIS analysts provide professional and accurate geospatial data analysis service and consultancy.


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Digital Twin

Twin of our world.