One-Stop GIS Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive GIS consultancy service, encompassing GIS data capture, mapping technology consultation, and system implementation. Our expertise enables clients to establish a complete GIS system utilizing either commercial software solutions, such as Esri and Bentley Map, or open-source alternatives including QGIS, GeoServer, and CesiumJS.

For clients with higher security requirements, we provide localized solutions to keep clients’ data and information safe and secure.

GIS Apps & Location-Based Micro Services

Our services facilitate the establishment of client-specific Geo Data Centers (GDC) and the seamless publishing of data on intranet and internet through robust web map services. We also specialize in the design and development of customized map-related applications.

Beyond GIS applications, we offer a diverse range of cloud-based microservices that leverage geo-location and GIS analysis technology. These microservices are designed to integrate effortlessly with existing informatics systems, enhancing them with location-based analysis and 3D visualization functionalities.

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If you possess substantial location-based data but are uncertain about its application, or if you’re contemplating the strategic placement and quantity of new facilities, or need guidance on creating GIS data for client requirements, we are here to help.

We provide a prompt, one-stop solution with our professional geospatial data analysis and consultancy services, ensuring accuracy and expertise in every project.


Digital Twin

Twin of our world.